Social Media Monitoring

Online Conversation

Basic information

  • Worth 75 points
  • You can work either individually or in pairs
  • You will present your report in class (Apr 10 & 12)
  • Submit the report and data table electronically: Due 11:59 p.m. on April 12.

On Thursday, we will learn the basics of social media monitoring and explore several monitoring tools and techniques. To get started, please complete the following brief background reading.

You will choose a company or brand, or nonprofit organization you would like to partner with for this project. This is your “client.” You will monitor what people say about the organization throughout this semester and write an analysis of the online conversation about it. Once you identify your client, you will set up a monitoring station, gathering information about it, and analyze data.

Image courtesy of Stock.XCHNG, miamiamia


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